Medzinárodné telekomunikačné fórum ATO 2007 | 20.november 2007, Primaciálny palác - Zrkadlová sieň, Bratislava | Motto: Nové technológie, nové služby, nové trendy, nové príležitosti

Commercial Commission of ATO

The Membership meeting shall, upon the proposal of any member, establish Expert commissions and appoint their chairmen.

The Expert commissions are temporary project teams responsible for solving of particular tasks according to the program of the Association. The members of the Association who are interested in the results of the Expert commissions and they explicitly apply for membership in them shall participate in the work of these Expert commissions, and they shall share the costs of its activities equally.

Association of the Telecommunication Operators that represents the interests of its members was and it is sorely offended by all steps of Telecommunication Office of Slovak Republic and not only by it. Therefore must the Association also by means of legislative and technical commission of the Association of Telecommunication Operators take the standpoints and come with the proposals for the problem solution that the life brings. The destination of the commercial commission is to analyze and to describe the real situation of the telecommunication market in Slovak Republic, to outline the expected position – the coming vision of the market and to outline suitable arrangements that could help to fill up it.

The activities of the commercial commission cover in like manner the preparation of the attitudes and the reactions to the actual questions that result from the actual situation or from the actions of individual participants in the market respectively the of market regulator that thematically come under its scope.

According to the content deals the commission with the following objects:

  • Development of the Slovak telecommunication market, market shares and of the concurrence in it

  • Competences and analysis of the relevant markets – markets of the individual services, their development, prices and user’s preferences.

  • Calculations of the economic authorized costs – model of costs

  • Economic market regulation generally

  • Economic competition in the telecommunication market of Slovak Republic, its protection and abuse of the dominance on the market

  • Whole prices and retail prices of the telecommunication services – reflection of the market trends in the whole prices (e.g. lump versus junction charges)

  • Anti-competitive charges – transmission of the dominance on the market from the retail to wholesale market and contrariwise

  • Comparisons with the abroad – selected case studies of the foreign telecommunication markets (regulation interferences, development of the price levels, user’s preferences etc.)

  • the requirements of the market to the amendment about the electronic communication