Medzinárodné telekomunikačné fórum ATO 2007 | 20.november 2007, Primaciálny palác - Zrkadlová sieň, Bratislava | Motto: Nové technológie, nové služby, nové trendy, nové príležitosti

The Board of ATO

The Board is the statutory body of the Association. It has minimum 7 members, including the President of the Association, and the Chairman of the Consultancy Committee.

The Board consists of the representatives of the regular Association members who are elected by the Membership meeting, upon the proposal of any regular member. The President of the Association and the Chairman of the Consultancy committee are Board members too. The Supervisory Board member, secretariat member, and the executive director may not be Board members.

The Board shall decide on all issues which are not reserved for Membership meeting or Supervisory Board. The Board shall mainly:

  • call for Membership meeting,
  • prepare proposals for adoption and expel of the regular members,
  • decide on adoption and expel of the associated members,
  • prepare, and after discussion with the Supervisory Board submit the Annual report, accounting closures, budget
  • report, and the proposal for membership contributions,
  • organize and manage the Association activities,
  • manage the Association property,
  • name and appeal the Executive Director of the Association,
  • control the work of the Executive Director and the secretariat,
  • propose expert commissions, plan of their activities including the budget and their chairmen,
  • publish the opinion of the Association adopted as per Clause III and present those against third parties.