Medzinárodné telekomunikačné fórum ATO 2007 | 20.november 2007, Primaciálny palác - Zrkadlová sieň, Bratislava | Motto: Nové technológie, nové služby, nové trendy, nové príležitosti

Member Meeting of ATO

Membership Meeting si the highest body of the Association.

Regular and Associated members are permitted to participate at Membership Meeting, Honourable and Support Member can participate as a guest.

At the Membership meeting, the regular member shall be represented by the member of his statutory body or a representative authorized in writing by the statutory body of the regular member to represent at the Membership meeting. Each regular member has one vote. The Membership meeting shall constitute a quorum when more than 50% of the regular members are present.

The Membership Meeting shall mainly:

  • Approve the Association Statutes and any amendments,
  • Approve the annual report of the Association submitted by the Board,
  • Approve the report of the Supervisory Board of the Association,
  • Approve the books, accounting closure, and the Association budget,
  • Approve longterm objectives of the Association and its working plan for the following period,
  • Approve the plan of the international activities of the Association,
  • Elect and recall the Association President, the Board, and the Supervisory Board,
  • Approve the reception of the new regular members,
  • Decide on the expel of members,
  • Decide on the amount of the entry fee and the amount of the membership fees of regular members and the associated members upon the proposal of the Association President,
  • Approve the membership of the Association in the other associations and international organizations,
  • Decide on the expiration of the Association and elect the liquidator,
  • Approve the founding of the expert commissions, approve their chairmen, program, schedule, and the budget,
  • Approve the conclusions of the expert commissions in the form of the opinion as per Clause III,
  • Approve the Ethical Code of the Association,
  • Decide on other issues it shall reserve for decisionmaking,
  • Decide on other issues stated in the Statutes.