Medzinárodné telekomunikačné fórum ATO 2007 | 20.november 2007, Primaciálny palác - Zrkadlová sieň, Bratislava | Motto: Nové technológie, nové služby, nové trendy, nové príležitosti

Technical Commision of ATO

The Membership meeting shall, upon the proposal of any member, establish Expert commissions and appoint their chairmen.

The Expert commissions are temporary project teams responsible for solving of particular tasks according to the program of the Association. The members of the Association who are interested in the results of the Expert commissions and they explicitly apply for membership in them shall participate in the work of these Expert commissions, and they shall share the costs of its activities equally.

Activities of the Technical Commission are mainly focused on solving the technical issues related to the liberalisation of the telecommunication market in the area of voice services. It provides support to the ATO members in the technical field, through participation in tasks in the area of numbering, connection, access, and the mutual interconnection of the public telecommunication networks.