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Club Technical Evening - Numering Plan

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25.06.2002 | Read: 8551 | Discussion: 0

The introductory part of the Club Technical Evening was oriented technically, with the “Numbering Plan” as the topic.

The presentation was made by Ing. Murín from PTT Research Institute. The presentation was structured as follows:

  • the structure of the numbering plan
  • the rules and criteria for allocation of the sets of numbers
  • allocation of the sets of numbers to the alternative operators
  • the future of the numbers 16 XXX, 019 XY, 06 XX XXX + plus other special sets of numbers
  • the possibility for the alternative operators to use these numbers
  • the impact of the carrier selection and number portability services on the numbering plan

The issue of the numbering plan was right up-to-date as the Telecommunication Office of the SR is working on the issue of the Numbering plan.

Among the guests at this meeting we have also seen Prof. Ing. Milan Dado, CSc., Prof. Ing. Milan Konvit, CSc. from University of Žilina, and Ing. Aurel Ščehovič, CSc., Director of the PTT Research Institute, Banská Bystrica.

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