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Public procurement: Commission consults on how Europe can make the most of electronic procurement

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14.09.2004 | Čítalo: 7561 | Diskusia: 0

The European Commission has launched an on-line consultation aimed at identifying opportunities and challenges in electronic public procurement. This is part of the process of drawing up an Action Plan to help make sure Europe’s economy gets the maximum possible benefit from the implementation of the new provisions on electronic public procurement included in the legislative package of procurement Directives adopted in February 2004.

(see IP/04/150) The deadline for responses is 15 October. Public procurement is a key sector of the EU economy accounting for about 16% of GDP. Modernising and opening up procurement markets across borders – including through the expansion of electronic procurement - is crucial to Europe's competitiveness and for creating new opportunities for EU businesses.

Internal Market Commissioner Frits Bolkestein said: "I ask all businesses with an interest in public procurement to respond to this consultation. Well organised electronic procurement can improve the business environment, save businesses’ and contracting authorities’ time and taxpayers’ money and help Europe to meet the Lisbon objectives. We want to know about the views and experiences of those at the sharp end – the businesses which tender for public contracts - so that we can make sure the new Directives are implemented in a way that releases the full potential of electronic procurement.”

The European Commission has identified electronic public procurement as an area where large gains can be achieved and encourages the use of electronic means. Using information technology appropriately can contribute to reducing costs, improving efficiency and removing barriers to trade, which will ultimately result in savings for taxpayers. The Directives adopted in February 2004 as part of the legislative package to modernise public procurement provide a legal framework aimed at boosting the development and use of electronic procurement.

The Commission intends to issue an Action Plan in order to help Member States to remove obstacles to electronic public procurement, increase efficiency and modernise public procurement markets. As part of its preparations, the Commission needs input from businesses on existing barriers, expectations and challenges in electronic procurement. For example: what are businesses’ experiences of and views on searching online for tender opportunities, using electronic marketplaces, online access to tender documents and on the electronic submission and signature of offers?

The Commission invites all interested businesses and business organisations to respond to its survey. By using its Interactive Policy Making (IPM) consultation tool for this exercise the Commission is making it as easy and time efficient as it possibly can.
Stakeholders will find a presentation and links to the consultation questionnaire on the Commission’s Your Voice in Europe site - -
a recently re-launched one-stop shop giving access to Commission consultations and their results across all policy areas.

For general information on EU policy and legislation on public procurement, please visit the Commission’s Europa web site at:

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