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Call for input on the forthcoming review of the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications

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[Deadline 31 January 2006] The Commission Services invite interested parties to give their views on possible changes to the five EP and Council directives that constitute the current EU framework for electronic communications, and to the Recommendation on relevant markets.

The consultation document can be found here.

A public workshop is provisionally planned for Tuesday 24 January 2006 in Brussels. The workshop will be open to all interested parties, but prior registration is required. A registration form can be found here.

Privacy statement - Personal data gathered in the course of this workshop will be processed according to applicable legislation on data protection. For further details click here.

Contributions will be published on this website unless confidentiality is requested.  Please indicate whether confidentiality applies to a) the fact that a contribution has been made as well as the content of the contribution, or b) only to the content of the contribution.

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