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8th Annual Risk Management & Internal Audit in Telecoms 2005

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[28-29 September 2005, Mariott Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic] Risk management and business strategy validation are becoming more and more crucial for the survival in the telecoms industry. The biggest challenge currently is to integrate all different areas of risk management into one enterprise-wide strategy. This will better control any possible risks and streamline decision-making processes. Please visit:

By attending this conference you will learn how to better control costs whilst lowering levels of risk. We have brought together the finest industry experts in this field to ensure that this conference will teach you all you need to know about present day methodologies and processes and future trends and patterns.

Some of the industry leaders speaking at this year’s event include:

  • Keith Read, Director, BT Group Regulatory Compliance
  • Ron Boates, Chief Internal Auditor, CELL C
  • Kellie Berndt, Vice President, TRMA, and Director of Financial Operations, T-Mobile USA
  • Kamil Levinsky, Internal Audit Manager, Eurotel
  • Lindsay Hudson, Trheat & Analysis Manager, Fraud Risk and Security, Vodafone UK
  • Karel Bakkes, Head of Internal Audit, KPN Royal Dutch Telecom

To guarantee your involvement at this event, and to claim your exclusive 15% discount (if you book by the 17 August 2005), simply calling our Customer Services team on +44 (0) 20 7753 4201, or access our dedicated conference website on, or email:

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